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The known issues and limitation page has been updated with the release of Jahia and Content Editor 3.0.0

Knowns issues


Export to a server directory

In the project administration, the feature to export sites directly in a server directory (without creating a zip file) is currently not available. It will be fixed in the next maintenance version.

Content creation

Default values for internationalized properties

When creating a new content, only the properties in the current language are initialized with their default values. It is not the case for the other languages.

Autocreation of internationalized properties

On creation of i18n autocreated properties an error is thrown by the default value listener when using the API or Content Editor. The node is still created, but default values are only filled in the current language.

Knowns limitations

Content Editing UI

WCAG check in rich texts

WCAG check for CKEditor is not available with Content Editor. An alternative is already available through the Siteimprove connector.

Valid display languages

The Valid display languages option is not available in Content Editor.  The legacy interface remains available in Advanced options>Content.

Content and image pickers

In Content Editor, it is currently not possible to:

  • Create a new folder from the content and image pickers. This will be fixed in a later version.
  • Select multiple images or content in the same picker. This might be fixed in a later version.


The following modules are not available yet with Jahia 8.

  • Healthcheck cluster
  • jExperience queries components