Welcome to Digital Experience Manager 7.3! 

What’s new?

Digital Experience Manager has just updated to! With this update, we're introducing a new, and simplified, version of its user interface (Anthracite) to better improve user experience. This update is also required to utilize the new Content and Media Manager module, a unified interface that allows you to create and organize content and files.

Supported stack

Some elements of the supported stack have been updated:

  • DX 7.3 now supports Open JDK 8
  • DX 7.3 now runs on Tomcat 9. JBoss 6.4 and Websphere 8.5 are still supported.
  • DX 7.3 now supports MariaDB 10.x and MariaDB Galera.
  • DX 7.3 now supports MySQL 5.7. Please note that while MySQL 5.5 is still supported in version, this support will be dropped in the next hotfix (DX
  • DX 7.3 still supports SQL Server 2012 and 2014. However, support for SQL Server 2012 will be dropped in the first service pack (DX - not planned yet) and replaced with a newer version of SQL Server.

Noticeable fixes coming from DX 7.2

  • You can now display untranslated content in edit mode by selecting "Show untranslated contents" in the Status menu
  • You can now publish files in all languages (by using custom configuration)
  • You can now disable emails when using publication workflows
  • A new security update - We have introduced a token mechanism in the security-filter to protect API accesses

The full list of fixes is available in the release notes.

You can find the previous feature announcements in this section.


From the Jahia website: