Technical Overview

  Written by The Jahia Team
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This document provides a technical introduction to Digital Experience Manager (DX). It is intended as a starting point into the platform for users with technical skills such as integrators, developers, and testers. It is not meant to be a user or administration guide. Please refer to the end-user or system administrator documentation if that is what you are looking for.

This document has five sections:

  • Technical overview of Digital Experience Manager
    An overall description of DX, the different types of actors who use DX, technical requirements, and integrated technologies and frameworks.
  • About the web layer
    A description of the layer exposed to the browser, how it relates to the various components in DX, and how they can be composed to build powerful web applications.
  • About the back-end layer
    A description of the services and technologies available in DX. The back-end is used by the web layer but may also be used directly by integrators, for example when integrating custom workflows.
  • About caching and clustering
    About performance, including how DX addresses high-load scenarios.
  • Additional resources
    A description of additional resources available to developers and integrators, from online resources to commercial support contracts.