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Apache Unomi is the reference implementation of the upcoming OASIS Context Server (CXS) standard to help standardize personalization of online experience while promoting ethical web experience management and increased user privacy controls.

We will assume that you are familiar with git operations since the code examples are located in a git repository and will require being able to retrieve the code from that repository and switch branches to be able to run the examples. Also, the examples are targeted at Jahia Digital Experience Manager integrators in the form of an example Digital Experience Manager module. However, the concepts and implementations could also be transposed to other tools, albeit with some adjustments.

Code samples

Salesforce Unomi plugin (custom actions, fetch external data, push data)
Mailchimp Unomi plugin (custom actions, fetch external data, push data)
Weather Other Unomi plugin (fetch external data, custom conditions)
Meetup Unomi plugin (custom conditions)
Personalized carousel
Personalized slider
Personalized banner
Privacy manager
My tags
DX Component using Unomi data