Written by The Jahia Team
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We have seen different ways to interact with Marketing Factory, either purely from a client-side perspective using the Unomi REST API but requiring authentication to do so, using a combination of client-side code and Unomi plugin, or using the personalization API. If you are building a web client, our recommended approach would be to use the second approach since it makes for a much simpler client and avoid "leaking" the Unomi authentication details to Digital Experience Manager modules. Moreover, the second approach also reduces the number of roundtrip with the server and affords you greater control over what is accomplished.

However if you’re building a custom application (such as a desktop, mobile native application or an integration with a complex external web site), the personalization API is also very useful since it offers an easy yet powerful way to integration personalized content without needing a strong integration with neither DX nor the Unomi server.

Either way, we barely scratched the power of what Marketing Factory can do and how it can be extended to suit your needs.