Welcome to Digital Experience Manager 7.2! 

What’s new?

Digital Experience Manager is a Service Pack providing several security fixes. It also comes with some additional features:

For Contributors

  • Straight access to the page containing the content found in the search panel of the edit mode
  • A confirmation window is now displayed when using the “Copy to all language” button in the edit engine. It prevents undesired overwriting when working on contents translated in several languages.

For System Administrators

It is now possible to upgrade the version of your DX environment without downtime by following our rolling upgrade procedure.

For Developers

Our GraphQL API now support mutations. The GraphQL documentation is available here.

For Site Administrators

A module providing a new dashboard to ease the management of vanity URLs (creation, deletion, move, publication) is now available on our store. More information is available in our documentation about Vanity URLs.


You can find the previous feature announcements in this section.


From the Jahia website: