Welcome to Digital Experience Manager 7.2! 

What’s new?

Digital Experience Manager comes with a brand new interface that will considerably improve the editors’ experience. If you are not ready yet to switch to this new UI, you will be able to do it later by selecting the desired interface from your profile section.  

Along with this new interface, DX has some nice additions for everyone:

For Contributors

  • Faster loading times in edit mode
  • Unintentional drag and drop of contents can now be avoided, depending on the drag and drop strategy chosen by your administrator. Ask him!
  • Automatic refreshes of the left panel can now be deactivated by your administrator
  • Improvements have been made on the “Search and replace” module, allowing you to choose more precisely in which contents and which properties the replace action should be performed.

For Administrators

  • Several modes to define the drag and drop strategy in the edit mode, including one to prevent unintentional drag and drop of contents by the editors. This needs to be configured at your server level.
  • Several server names for a single site can now be set
  • You can deactivate the automatic refresh of the left panel in the edit mode when a publication occurs. This setting is intended for environments with lots of simultaneous contribution and publication.
  • The “Search and replace” module has been updated too and is available on the Jahia Store.

For System Administrators

System administrators now have access to a new maintenance mode, called “Full read-only mode” which prevent writing operations while sites are still available in live.

For Developers

Developers can restrict areas to node types coming from modules which are not in the dependency list of the template set.  See the "List restrictions" paragraph in the techwiki .

Developers can try our new, extendable, GraphQL API! The current version allows you to retrieve nodes (and their children) and execute queries. More information here.


From the Jahia website: