Welcome to Digital Experience Manager 7.2! 

What’s new?

Digital Experience Manager is a hotfix version, with a few noticeable fixes:

Anthracite theme

  • Contrasts have been improved
  • Icons are now displayed in the administration and in the site settings
  • The thumbnail views of the document manager and file picker have been improved


  • It is now possible to choose the version of jQuery to use between jQuery 3.3.1 and jQuery 1.12.4, via the configuration file.
  • Configuration files can be overridden during module deployment (documentation)
  • Modules cannot be started if their business rules (Drools) fail to compile

Edit / Contribute mode

  • Inconsistencies when using the "Work in progress" feature on multilingual sites have been fixed. A more explicit interface replaces the former checkbox when the site is available in several languages. More details are available in the "Work in progress" documentation
  • The new dashboard to ease the management of vanity URLs (creation, deletion, move, publication) is activated by default. More information is available in our documentation about Vanity URLs
  • By default for new installations (it does not apply upon migration), a drag zone is displayed at the top left of the content in order to prevent unwanted drag and drop. This setting can be modified by updating the configuration of your server.

External Data Provider

External Data Providers can now send events to DX. Find out how .


The full list of fixes is available in the release notes.

You can find the previous feature announcements in this section.


From the Jahia website: