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What is Local Site Manager?

Local Site Manager (LSM) enables you to reuse and localize content from pages on your global site to your local or regional sites. A global site is a website that contains the source pages and content that you choose to synchronize to local sites. A local site is the destination site that contains pages that are copied from the global site. The local site represents a regional translation of the global site.

Note: You can also reuse content from whatever site you decide by choosing a different global site when you create a new localization.

A local site can contain pages that inherit content from the global site and pages that have been detached from the global site. The pages that inherit content are copies of the global site that are updated through automatic or manual synchronization. Detached pages are pages that the local site administrator has chosen to detach from the global site to manage locally. The local site can also contain pages with no relationship to the global site.

You can use Local Site Manager to:

  • Reuse pages and content created by the global team
  • Ensure that the local content is kept up to date
  • Translate the local content

Local Site Manager documentation

The Local Site Manager documentation consists of the following pages. You can also open pages directly from Local Site Manager.



Intended users

Local Site Manager is intended for authors and webmasters who manage regional sites and want to reuse pages and content from other sites in their organization. The local users manage and translate pages on the local site.


Local Site Manager requires Jahia version or later.

Before using Local Site Manager, ensure that you:

  • Add the Local Site Manager module to Jahia and enable the module for your local web projects.
  • Verify that your global and local sites have at least one common language active in edit mode.
  • Verify that users have the appropriate permissions to view global sites.
    • On the local site, users require the siteAdminLocalization permission. Editors have this permission by default.
    • On the global site, users defined as contributors, editors or translators are able to browse the site in preview mode. Global users are able to view global sites. Site users do not have permissions to view global sites.

Known limitations

Local Site Manager has the following limitations:

  • If you detach content from a localization, you cannot reattach the content.
  • If you detach content in a localization and delete the content locally, then the content will always be considered as a new content originating from the global site.
  • Languages added to a local or global site are not available for existing localizations or sections. Existing localizations will only synchronize in languages that were available when the localization was initialized.
  • You cannot create a localization under an existing localization.