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Editing a local page

This section shows how to:

  • Open a local page for review in Edit mode
  • Understand locked content
  • Accept synchronized content a local page
  • Translate content that is synchronized from the global page
  • Detach content from the global page

Opening a local page for review in Edit mode

To open the Review Changes page from a local page:

  1. In Jahia, in Edit mode, select the localized site that you want to review changes for.
  2. In the left pane, select Pages.
    Pages display in a tree for your site. Localized pages show a lock icon 
     which indicates that the pages are copies of the global site, as shown in the following image.
  3. Select a page.
    The page opens in the main window and a checkmark displays beside LSM on the toolbar to indicate the page's synchronization status. A green checkmark 
     indicates that the global and local site are synchronized and an orange checkmark 
    indicates that changes are pending on the local site.
  4. To open the Review Changes page, click LSM.
    The banner on the Review Changes page shows new changes for you to review. Changes are listed by additions, deletions, modifications, moves, and translations.

You can edit changes to a page either from a list or by viewing changes in context on the page.

About locked content

You cannot edit locked content because it originates from the global site. However, you can translate content for languages that are not synchronized from the global site. Also, it is possible to add new content to a locked page.