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Viewing local pages in the Local Site Manager dashboard

You can view the localized pages on a local site in Site Settings>Local Site Manager. Localized pages are grouped into sections that contain a parent page and subpages.


Select a section to view further information about the pages in the section.


For each section, you can sort the localized pages by clicking on any of the following column names:

  • Display name
    The name of the page
  • Path
    The relative path to the parent of the section for the local page
  • Global page last modified
    The last time the page was saved on the global site
  • Sync status
    The synchronization status of the local page.  The status can be Modified, Modified - Contains local changes, Synchronized or Synchronized - Contains local changes. You can filter the status by clicking on the status icon beside Sync Status and selecting or clearing the Modified or Synchronized check boxes.
    Note: The Modified check box displays only when the section contains modified pages.

The following information also displays at the bottom of the section:

  • Global site path
    The relative path of the global parent page for the section
  • Local site path
    The relative path of the local parent page for the section
  • Synchronization method
    The synchronization method defined for the pages, either pull or push
  • Languages
    The languages that are enabled for the global site and that are available for synchronization to the local site

Reviewing changes in local page from the LSM Dashboard


From the LSM Dashboard, you can synchronize changes for pages that specify the manual synchronization method and open a local page for editing.

Then, review the changes.