Managing personas

  Written by The Jahia Team
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Personas are fictional characters that represent archetypal segments of your population. 

In jExperience, content authors and marketers can use personas to simulate visitors navigation and behavior. Once defined, personas can be found when using the jExperience preview panel so that marketers can control how the personalized experiences perform on the site for various personas.

In jExperience, personas are used for preview purposes only. To classify your audience, you can use segments, scoring plans or lists.

Opening the Manage personas page

To open the Manage personas page:

  1. In Site Settings, click Audience in the left menu.
  2. Click Personas. By default several personas are included, as shown in the following image.

Creating a new persona

To create a persona:

  1. In the Manage personas page, click New persona 
    at the upper-right of the page.
  2. Choose Create new persona.
    A new persona profile displays.
  3. Fill the properties you want to set for this particular persona.
  4. In the Profiling tab, assign the persona to a segment or a scoring. You can link a persona to a segment in such a direct way because personas do not have page view events or any behaviour. Fill segments and other profiling information.


The following example shows a personas created in jExperience. The persona is Anna, 32 year old woman, who lives in Portland, who loves cats, and work as a community manager.  

We added a first name, age, gender, city and position as profile properties. We also added "cat lover" in the last name so that this persona can be easily identified in the jExperience preview panel.


 We also added Anna to the segment cat lover by selecting Manage persona segments.


And adding Anna to the segment.


When you go to the Jahia preview and open the jExperience preview panel, Anna is now available as a preview persona.