[EXPERIMENTAL] Create a Browser Test

November 14, 2023
⚠️ This feature is not officially supported by Jahia yet and should not be used without contacting the Jahia Cloud team ⚠️

Browser Tests are scenarios executed by Datadog on your web applications. They run at configurable periodic intervals from multiple locations around the world, from multiple browsers, and devices. These tests verify both that your applications are up and responding to requests, and that any conditions defined in your scenarios are met.


Jahia Cloud team will ensure the customer's website is still running fine after a maintenance operation. More precisely the Jahia Cloud team will ensure that if a Browser Test was successful before the maintenance the same test should be successful after the maintenance operation. However the cloud team shall not be accountable if the test was not successful before the maintenance and after the maintenance. 

Create a Browser Test

Before creating a Browser Test, you must allow certain IP addresses to prevent Datadog's robots from being blocked. You can find the list of IPs to authorize here.

Ensure that the browser tests include the following tag: "maintenance-check" (Only if you want this check to be monitored by the cloud team when performing maintenance).