Personalizations and Optimization tests - list

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Personalizations and optimization tests are the outcome of content management, customer data and experience management. The personalizations and optimization tests list is the entry point to access all the ones that are one the website (or headless project). This list includes every kind of personalizations and optimizations tests, whether created in edit mode, in the editor, on templates, pages or contents. 



You can filter the list using the experiences and object types filters at the top: 


You can also sort the list using the sort icon at the top right of the list 

 and use: 

This list is made of 5 columns:

  • Active personalizations and optimization tests will have a small orange sign on the left
  • Personalization or Optimization test icon  
  • Name of the personalization or optimization test
  • System name  of the personalization or optimization test
  • Object type, that is personalied or tested, it can be:
    • Page template
    • Content template
    • Page
    • Content personalization / content optimization test
    • Custom types 

New personalization 


at the top right of the page and follow instructions on the Personalizations editor page

New optimization test 


 at the top right of the page  and follow instructions on the Optimization tests editor page