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With Marketing Factory, it is possible to create personalizations on contents and pages in the DX edit mode.  It is also possible to create such personalizations from Marketing Factory site settings, as described below.

A. Creation 

Example of a content personalization creation, being created a in content folder.


1. Page Personalization

When creating a personalization, you'll first need to: 

  1. Select Page in the object type
  2. Select the page that you want to personalize using
    to fill the target page path
  3. Select a display strategy content-display-strategy.png .
    Display strategies are described at the end of this page. 

2. Content Personalization

  1. Select content in the object type
  2. Fill in the title of the personalization
  3. Select the location, either in a content folder or in a web page location.png
    • If you selected in a content folder:
      • Select the folder where you want to create the personalization
    • If you selected in a webpage:
      • Select the page where you want to create the personalization, using page-selector.pngto fill the target page path
      • Select the content that you want to personalize using content-selector.pngto fill the target page path
    • Select a content display strategy


B. Editing a personalization

Managing Variants

Example of 2 variants:


For each variant, it is possible to:

  • Reorder it above or below, using variant-reorder.png 
  • View the variant name and system name
  • Set it as fallback, using the checkbox variant-fallback.png
  • Edit or delete the variant using variant-edit.png and variant-edit-delete.png
  • Edit the conditions, see the conditions page  


Adding a new variant

It is possible to add variant, using the button add-variant.png and then select a content type to create your content.

Content display strategy

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