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  Written by The Jahia Team
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You have now finished reading this Marketing Factory guide, which introduced you to the powerful world of digital marketing. You are likely asking yourself how Marketing Factory will evolve in the future and at what pace; here are some insights about what we have in mind for Marketing Factory’s future. In fact, we are already working on it.

1 Privacy

Privacy is at the heart of the underlying Unomi project (see chapter 1, Introduction). Very soon, specific tools to allow users to know which data are collected and authorize or not their usage will be included in standard in Marketing Factory. The responsibility to give access to those tools and to which extend will fully remain in the hands of marketers that use Marketing Factory.

2 Improved dashboards

So far, Marketing Factory collects a lot of data that are not treated as aggregates or that are treated but not displayed in the various dashboards as meaningful elements. We intend to provide more detailed analytics and key numbers about your visitors and site traffic to make the management of your marketing strategy easier and more accurate. Nevertheless, we will stick to the fact that Marketing Factory is not a web analytics engine.

3 CRM connectors

We intend to provide automated synchronization mechanisms to the most popular CRM systems. As of today, this type of integration requires some custom development by your IT team. In the near future you will be able to push, or grab, data from your CRM simply by using a GUI.

4 Thresholds and alerts

Analyzing data can be very beneficial for site improvements and bring a high ROI, but it remains a highly manual process that takes time. We know that your time is precious so we want to let you define alerts when a number (like, event, goal, visits, etc.) reaches certain thresholds. Also, we think that Marketing Factory, based on silent and automated data analysis, could send alerts by itself.

5 Lead scoring

Lead scoring is a very well-known marketing technique that consists of evaluating a prospect or customer by crediting points for every piece of data collected on him or. For example, you can use lead scoring to help identify a prospect’s potential for budget (as a big spender), readiness to buy (a hot lead), his or her engagement, or simply whether or not the user is in your main target population. Marketing Factory will provide lead scoring in the near future, including the ability to run several scoring plans in parallel.

6 Improved visitor identification

We have some room for improvement in visitor auto-discovery, like using the visitor IP address to determine at which company the visitor works. Also, we are looking at the possibility of connecting Marketing factory with third-party systems like data.com.

7 Mail campaigns (drip, mail automation…)

Having a mail management system directly connected to Marketing Factory is something that any marketer would certainly like to have in order to benefit from the quality and quantity of customer information stored in the profiles, as well as to benefit from the segmentation and targeting capabilities allowed by the conditions builder. As of today, Marketing Factory does not provide this type of feature and, if Digital Factory has a mail and newsletter module, it does not provide advanced tracking or automation features either. Should those features be directly built into Marketing Factory or should Marketing Factory work seamlessly with third-party platforms that handle those types of features (like Marketo)? That is a good question. There are dozens of powerful solutions already in the works to cover this area; we are investigating.

8 Recommendations and automated personalization

Marketing Factory relies first and foremost on the ability of giving marketers the tools that they need to implement their marketing initiatives. We are aware that bringing some automated personalization capabilities, based on big-data approaches and machine-learning algorithms, may ease life for marketers and improve their performance. Also, using such statistical data treatment could allow Marketing Factory to discover meaningful patterns that might be difficult, or even impossible, to discover by manual analysis.

9 Finally

As a Marketing Factory user and customer, your opinion and wishes are of critical important to us. Please tell us what features you would like to see added or improved by sending requests to marketingfactory@jahia.com. Thank you.