System administrator docs

Learn how to install, configure, and monitor Jahia and jExperience and how to manage your cloud deployment. This information is for system administrators who deploy, configure, and monitor Jahia products.

Versions : Jahia 8.0 | Jahia 7.3 | Legacy

End user docs Developer docs

Managing Jahia server settings

Shows you how to manage Jahia settings and monitor and troubleshoot Jahia

Installing and configuring portal features

Shows you how to install Portal Factory and create and configure a portal site

jExperience quick install

Shows how to perform a local install of jExperience

Installing and configuring jExperience

Shows you how to install and configure jExperience, ElasticSearch and jCustomer in a production environment

Installing Forms

Shows you how to deploy Forms modules

Forms modules

Describes the Forms modules that are available for you to deploy