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Installation requirements


The Elasticsearch search provider module currently supports Elasticsearch 7.4.2, available here. If your Elasticsearch cluster is using X-Pack, please consult our dedicated page related to X-Pack configuration.

Jahia modules

The required modules can be deployed on your Jahia environment by using the Augmented Search - Distribution package available on our store, or by installing its modules individually:

  • Database connector
  • Elasticsearch connector 7
  • Augmented Search
  • Augmented Search UI


Elasticsearch connection

In the Jahia administration UI, go into Configuration>Database Connector
Create a new connection, by clicking on the New connection button.


Select the elastic database type.



Create a new Elasticsearch connection by filling the following settings:

  • Host
    The IP/hostname of your Elasticsearch server
  • Port
    The port used by your Elasticsearch server
  • Id
    The name of the Elasticsearch connection you are creating
  • Cluster Name
    Your Elasticsearch cluster.name property

If using X-Pack, open the Advanced tab, select Use XPack Security and enter a username and password (the default values are elastic/changeme).


Then the connection is created.


Elasticsearch setup

In Administration, go to Configuration>Elasticsearch management.

Verify that the Elasticsearch database connection ID corresponds to the one previously created (in our example "esConnection"), and click Save. This will trigger a reindexing of the platform.


It is possible to start reindexing from the same screen. A job will perform the reindexing in background.

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