Written by The Jahia Team
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Digital Factory main drivers

Digital Factory 7.1 introduces significant scalability, stability and performances improvements while further refining user experience for Authors, Developers and Administrators

Digital Factory in details

The fastest and most reliable “User eXperience Platform”

  • Performance, stability and scalability now reach new heights with Digital Factory 7.1: browsing and editing operations are faster than ever. The new platform handles twice the load as the previous one with the same configuration, making it Jahia’s fastest and most powerful Digital Factory yet.

Enhanced authoring productivity

  • Digital Factory authors now leverage a new “Work In Progress” feature that prevents publication mistakes in a far more flexible way than simple content locks but still fully integrated with Digital Factory core capabilities.
  • In addition, authors now can publish content in all languages at once with a simple click at a site, page, section or content item level.

Even more developer agility

  • Powerful improvements to Digital Factory’s Rest API allow developers to perform very sophisticated operations and query using the JCR-SQL2 language, thus accelerating, for instance, IoT implementations.
  • The new Jahia Studio accelerates development even more: solutions builders can now, for instance, save time by duplicating modules or control dependencies and downloaded sources more tightly.

Peace of mind for architects and administrators

  • Digital Factory now supports Java 8, IBM Websphere 8.5 and JBoss Application Server 6.2 (enterprise). and provides the additional flexibility to externalize data and configurations.
  • User and Groups service redesign : administrators will now seamlessly manage their preferred authentication providers through a dedicated administration panel, further unifying the Jahia user experience across all products and services and for all audiences.
  • Additional enhancements for architects and administrators include new multi-tenancy administration capabilities as well as Jahia instances chaining capabilities, allowing administrators of large Jahia deployments to orchestrate any type of instances (Digital Factory, Workspace Factory, …).