Written by The Jahia Team
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This document is a wrap up of the production patches delivered between DX V7.1.2.0 and DX V7.1.2.1 (last edited on August 02, 2016)

Underlying Content Platform

  • Added support to make DocumentThumbnailRuleService reusable for other modules
  • Do not track the content history in the journal if the remote publishing service is disabled
  • In tools/definitionsBrowser.jsp, when purging a mixin, the mixin is now removed from the nodes using it instead of deleting those nodes
  • Improved the stability of the connection with the LibreOffice/OpenOffice service
  • Upgraded the bundled PostgreSQL driver to version 9.4.1208.jre7
  • Improved the scalability of the regexpDependenciesCache when a large number of nodes are matched by a regex based dependency
  • Upgraded commons-collections to the version 3.3.2 to address vulnerability with insecure deserialization of data ( https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/COLLECTIONS-580 , https://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/576313 ). If you are using classes from the org.apache.commons.collections.functors package and are affected by this fix, please, refer to the https://commons.apache.org/proper/commons-collections/security-reports.html page for the procedure of how to re-enable the previous behavior.
  • Added a security check to the StaticFileServlet in case a malicious URL would be able to propagate to the servlet level
  • Upgraded embedded tomcat version to 8.0.36 to avoid IllegalArgumentException with AJP
  • Fixed issue on the startup of a cluster node when another node is already processing requests
  • "Document preview" component: use html5 instead of flash when possible
  • Fixed a cache issue on lists using facet filters
  • Improved RSS feed generation to meet validation requirements by https://validator.w3.org/feed
  • Updated the location module to use the Google API key specified in jahia.properties (mandatory due to Google policy change)
  • Fixed a bug with FieldHierarchicalFacets on remote publication
  • Fixed a cache issue where the aggregated/minified css/javascript where not refreshed when switching to another module version
  • Removed the WCAG criteria making the attribute "title" mandatory for links
  • Fixed a rendering issue in the edit mode toolbar when the current page path is too long
  • Fixed the release process of a module on Windows with Maven 3.3.x
  • Fixed a bug when setting a null value to a JCR property
  • Fixed a bug where a JCR session was stored in a java tag for later reuse whereas it was closed
  • Improved the robustness of the publication process when some published properties are written in a parallel JCR session
  • When using "Resource bundle title from jmix:rbTitle", the label were looked up only from the templates set module. Now the lookup is done in all the modules enabled on the website.
  • Various improvement in the import from version 6.1 and earlier

Digital Experience Manager

Edit Mode

  • Improved the refresh after publishing the deletion of an element
  • Removed "autoplay" for videos in edit mode to avoid request load entries in the log
  • Ignore content engine initialization if the engine has already been closed (problems with overwriting changes)
  • When creating a content reference using drag&drop, the default values were not loaded
  • When configuring in which menu a page has to be rendered, only the menus created in the templates could be selected, and the menus created in edit mode were not selectable
  • It was impossible to render a content reference if the list didn't allow the type of the referenced node
  • Fixed a bug in the "Simple pager" rendering


  • Added a new jahia.property parameter allowing to specify additional elements like Menu Labels, External and Internal Links, to show up in the Publication Manager ( jahia.publicationManagerNodeTypes )
  • Serious performance improvement on query execution of native queries. Warning: as a consequence, there is no more support for using some unindexed properties in "order by" clauses. If you are running such queries, you should update your definitions to make the related properties be indexed, and trigger a re-indexation. If this change is not possible, you can revert back to the previous behavior, defining the system property "useNativeSort=false", but as a consequence, you will not benefit from the performance improvement.
  • Improved the URL creation on login failures (do not append parameters more often than once)
  • Improved the reporting of some errors in logs/jahia-errors/
  • When renaming/deleting all tags for a website, the locale "English" was used until now
  • Show the workflow tasks only on the sites where the "workflow-module" is enabled
  • Fixed the method to check if the selected view for a node exists (org.jahia.taglibs.functions.Functions#hasScriptView was always returning true)
  • Fixed an issue with the imported files which have a wrong mime type
  • Fixed a bug on file upload with the option "Add new version" activated
  • Fixed a bug when using auto-split in combination with auto published nodes
  • The logs were not showing the correct version when stopping and starting a new version of a module
  • Fixed an error when using a thumbnail query parameter

Server and site settings

  • Correctly take into account the browser language in the Workspace Factory login page

Search and replace module

  • Added the support of sorting the search results by any property (like the date)
  • Improved the "Did you mean" functionality to support suggestions from multiple sites

External providers

  • Support Apache Commons pool and specific properties in LDAP configuration
  • Added the support for multivalued properties for external users
  • Correctly refresh the external mount point when creating a new folder or adding a new file at the root level
  • Fixed an error with the secure protocol for LDAP (LDAPs)
  • Fixed an issue when including CMIS resources in search results
  • Fixed a parsing error on mount point picker by improving the escape pattern for folder names

User Dashboard

  • Fixed issue where some tasks were not displayed on the user dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where some javascript on the user dashboard was not correctly escaped


  • Fixed a bug where a wrong URL was sometimes generated when clicking on a base template
  • Fixed an error during the mvn release:perform process