Written by The Jahia Team
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This document is a wrap up of the production patches delivered between DX V7.1.2.1 and DX V7.1.2.2 

Underlying Content Platform:

  • Fixed an issue where a AbstractJCRTag was storing session in a java tag for later reuse - which leads to problems when the session gets closed
  • Fixed namespace exception when deploying portlets on a page
  • Fixed cache-flush functionality in the cluster
  • Fix on background cache flush which did not flush regex cache dependencies
  • Tools - jcr:sql queries returned the wrong number of results when visibility rule was set
  • Fixed bug to correctly flush HTML fragment cache in case a node is displayed with multiple templates
  • Removed manager and host-manager web-application from default tomcat-package for security reasons
  • Fixed issue where helper functions were broken due to a new parameter
  • Avoid too long AclCacheKey because of denying ACEs
  • Introduced support for JDK8 in migrators project
  • Fixed issue with JahiaLuceneQueryFactory when the session does not have a locale
  • Optimize regexp usage by using a pre-compiled pattern for matching request parameters in the URL
  • Update on library yuicompressor and version update to 2.4.9
  • Use a restricted list of sent fields to avoid High JCRSessionLoadAverage using the picker
  • Fix for SpnegoHttpFilter to handle multiple IP Addresses with X-forwarded-for header

Digital Experience Manager

Edit Mode

  • Blog: Fixed bug to correctly display all comments not only the newest one
  • Fixed issue on restoring richtext nodes containing references
  • Fixed issue on retrieving default values for a content node
  • Support for cron selector component
  • Fix on displaying contextual menu in edit mode correctly after canceling a publication
  • Fixed issue where the main area lost the selected tab context after refresh
  • Fix bug on "Valid display languages" where the translation was always displayed even if it should not
  • Avoid duplicating same lock types (lead to content marked for deletion which could not be deleted at the end)


  • Added additional preview function in workflow dashboard to show the edits in-context of the page
  • Title of the workflow (typed by the user when starting the workflow) is displayed in the workflow dashboard instead of the workflow type
  • Fixed issue in edit mode where the left panel was not correctly reloaded after publication


  • Fixed issue in javascript to avoid errors in user import
  • Properly import users by ordering users.zip on import when dropping a zip into import folder
  • Support folder based import (not only zip)
  • Handle the case during import when some values of a multiple choice list are no longer existing


  • Correctly display and update files on both cluster nodes in case a new version is uploaded on one node
  • Apply CKEditor configuration also in the managers

Search and replace module

  • Corrected JCR-SQL2 query when using the multisite search (value "-all-" for the tag )

External providers

  • Support video streaming for files coming from CMIS provider
  • Fixed bug where JCR integrity tool removed references to LDAP users
  • Limit the number of pre-loaded users from external providers under site settings to 100 to avoid long loading times
  • Optimize AclCacheKeyPartGenerator to avoid performance issues due to huge amount of extension nodes for LDAP users
  • Support special characters in group names of LDAP groups


  • Correct redirection behavior in Studio with non-Root context (lead to a blank page before)
  • Added implementation of getDecimal to be able to declare decimal variables with a default value
  • Use dedicated session to regenerate an export on module compilation to avoid conflicts due to the edits
  • New mixin jmix:siteContent is available. The content of that mixin type is display as entries in the tree from content manager/site manager and content picker.

Remote Publication

  • Publication workflow for remote publication: fix bug where combo box could be filled with the wrong remote publication process
  • Fixed exception (error updating reference) in resolving cross-references on a remote publication
  • Remove existing references before adding a new one on publication
  • Fixed PathNotFoundException on Remote publication caused by JCRNodeDecorator objects
  • Fixed bug where on executing the remote publication published all reviewed content instead of only selected one