Written by The Jahia Team
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This document is a wrap up of the production patches delivered between DX V7.1.2.4 and DX V7.1.2.5

Underlying content platform

  • Added support for HEAD requests
  • DX module creation Maven archetypes have been moved to Maven Central to ease the creation process
  • Escape the template name to prevent SQL2 injection in the URL
  • More robust handling of exceptional cases in ReferencesHelper
  • Fixed an issue with node auto-split rules which are based on j:nodename property
  • Also, remove i18n property of mixin when the mixin itself is removed from a node
  • Provided extended version of the DTD file for indexing-configuration*.xml that includes DX specific extensions
  • Prevent access to .raw and .raw.ajax requests without Jahia Tools credentials
  • Added support for jsite parameter for Webflow requests
  • JCR integrity tools: corrected check for currently running operation and stop option
  • URLs of static assets of type HTML are now going through the rewriting engine as other links
  • To prevent overloading the server, enforce maxModulesToGenerateInParallel setting everytime a module is not served from cache and release semaphore only when entire request is processed
  • Introduced monitoring of the global request rendering time. The request processing is stopped after 60 seconds (configurable) and it results in a 503 (Service unavailable) error.

Digital experience manager

Wiki, Blog

  • Corrected handling of file upload in blog entries and wiki articles


  • Limit the influence of specific cache request parameters (used for preview and debug purpose) on the notCacheableFragment set in the caching filter
  • Properly JSON-encode/decode value of moduleParams in the cache key


  • Prevent unnecessary errors/exceptions when propagating cluster events. Reduced log level to INFO for events, that could be ignored

Edit mode

  • Fix selection issue when loading a page
  • Publication Manager fixed to allow a user with start publication permissions to start publication workflow
  • Corrected check for "Paste as reference" button for target content containers, which have restricted types of sub-content
  • Check if the toolbar is not NULL before setting the toolbar data related to "bindable"
  • Automatically refresh left panel in edit mode after creating a menu label
  • Prevent unavailability of edit mode when there is no homepage on the default site
  • Corrected the warning message when a page is copying and pasted under itself
  • Fixed bad HTML detection in rich text fields, causing improper indexation of HTML code
  • Fixed type value validation constraint on content import
  • Display sub-pages under jnt:navMenuText in the publication manager
  • Display sub-pages under jnt:navMenuText in the page picker
  • Fix rendering overflow in live for circular reference


  • Fixed sorting of facet values when using a label renderer (also for non-category field facets)


  • Made link validation process more robust. Displaying now I18N labels for known statuses.


  • Fix applier now ignores files that are not valid DX modules

Module deployment

  • Prevent NPE when updating modules on a site when a previously installed module has been undeployed
  • Template nodes for modules, which were uninstalled when DX is stopped, are now cleaned up correctly on DX startup
  • Avoid race condition during startup of the templates-system module in the cluster
  • Remove module nodes of undeployed/deleted modules in default and live


  • Service: restore publication status of content in case of exception
  • Correctly unpublish pages after a cut and paste and republish them in new publication process.
  • Add the possibility to unpublish a content moved in edit mode

Remote publication

  • Mixin type change is now correctly replayed
  • Automatically delete related remote publications when deleting a site


  • Make the search in filename case-insensitive and consider logical operators in free text search
  • Prevent NPE during "Did you mean" in some cases and/or continue rendering search results page

Server and site settings

  • Fixed german translations in DX and siteSettings modules
  • Listing a no longer existing module in the site's j:installedModules property no longer leads to errors in administration