Written by The Jahia Team
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This document is a wrap up of the production patches delivered between DX V7.1.2.5 and DX V7.1.2.6

Underlying Content Platform

  • [improvement] Introduced safe backup restore option for a copied or restored DX environment (for details please see section 2.6 Safe backup restore of our FAQ chapter in the fine tuning guide)
  • By default, the exported content in XML format is now downloaded as a file instead of opening as a new page in the browser
  • Add the possibility to add node types condition on SwitchModeActionItem (preview, edit, live GWT buttons)
  • Add a check for properties/nodes conflicts before registering in jackrabbit
  • Fixed issue with configuring external tools when running DX installer choosing production mode in an unattended way (using the command line with the auto-install file)
  • Made BundleUtils.unregister() more robust to prevent a NullPointerException in rare cases
  • Proper sub-types registration for a mixin node type after a module re-deployment
  • Small correction in site resolution in multi-site DX instance (site node is the main rending node in this case)
  • More advanced detection of current site key in the login area to avoid an issue with site-user logins from /cms/login page
  • Add the mixin jmix:comments to the comments in live
  • Make hierarchical facets work also with single-valued properties
  • Use AUTOCOMPLETE='new-password' for new password entry

Digital Experience Manager

Edit engine

  • Make pagination in loading content history (edit engine UI) more robust
  • Improved left panel loading in managers
  • Avoid error message when a user is deleting a content and doesn't have "Lock management" permission
  • Correct handling of empty values of non-internationalized properties
  • When deciding whether Paste action item should be displayed optional nodetype restriction set in JSP-tag was not considered
  • Corrected the check for the availability of the "Edit reference source" item in the context menu for a content in edit mode
  • Fix locale issue in Webflow transitions
  • Fixed edit mode UI compatibility with latest Chrome v61

Google Analytics

  • New action to publish nodes where one of the following mixin was added: wemgooglemix:experiment, wemgooglemix:variable


  • Limit the page path on anything under /sites/ in the results tag
  • Using "without term constraints", search only in the fulltext index field of the node or the file content and no longer in additional specific fields.
  • Prevent PathNotFoundException from JCRSortTag in rare cases
  • Added missing i18n label for the video file type in the search module
  • Prevent NullPointerException when Lucene indexes are corrupted
  • Prevent SQL/XPath injection in JahiaJCRSearchProvider
  • Handle gracefully uppercase and lowercase operands in CMIS searches

Server/Site Administration

  • Allow adding members to a group directly from the group list
  • Roles ordering fixed in the roles and permissions administration UI
  • Improved and stabilized the Manage languages screen in the site administration UI
  • Improved "copy role with sub-roles" functionality to ensure role names are unique
  • Do not list templates from inactive modules or not enabled on the site


  • Corrected the check for the availability of the "Edit reference source" item in the "Edit" menu of edit mode
  • Fix ordering of mixin properties to match the definition order

Vanity URL

  • Fixed vanity URL resolving, when URLs used query parameters