Written by The Jahia Team
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This document is a wrap up of the production patches delivered between DX V7.1.2.6 and DX V7.1.2.7

Underlying content platform

  • Rules consequences using ";insert ({nodename});" after an "AddedNodeFact" have been fixed. This syntax should not be used anymore. Instead, you can add "true" parameter at the end of AddedNodeFact constructor parameter.
  • Prevent ConcurrentModificationException when sending newsletters on WebSphere
  • Corrected format of the repository.xml, generated by the module creation archetypes
  • Prevent unauthorized file upload
  • Corrected issue with the cookie-based authentication valve ("remember me" feature of the login form) which happens under certain circumstances
  • Prevent NPE when accessing a resource unavailable in Live
  • Provided attribute "var" for tags

Digital Experience Manager


  • Properly invalidate template cache entries on other cluster nodes when the module gets re-deployed on one of the nodes
  • Fixed issue with caching of small files in /files servlet, when a file is not accessible to guest users
  • FileServlet: Correctly invalidate file caches when an ACE entry is added/removed from an ACL node for a file

Edit engine

  • Optimized modification operation on a site node in case of many site-level users
  • Stabilised context menu in the left side panel
  • Avoid constant refresh of the left panel due to content updates in the background.
    A new parameter "jahia.ui.refreshOnExternalModification" has been added (default value is true).
    When the jahia.property is set to "true" the behavior of the UI remains the same as before. A refresh is executed for each publication that ends.
    When the jahia.property is set to "false" the UI has not been refreshed automatically, instead
    • a message in the bottom right of the screen appears and informs the user that there is updated content and
    • in the left panel, on page/content/files and category tab, the refresh button turns blue.
  • Fix NPE when parentModule.getNodeTypes returns null on copy of content
  • Handle cases when the parent of a node being removed is not readable because of validity checks (published, languages, workspace, etc .)

External Providers

  • Fixed issue with mapping IDs of external nodes to internal UUIDs that might result in duplicate UUIDs
  • Update link to LDAP documentation


  • Improved validation error reporting for imported content
  • Files dropped into /imports folder are imported in background job now to correctly trigger all rules


  • Made menu-label selectable for the search-in-page in the advanced search form. Also added two new attributes to this tag to be able to override node types used by the tree selector.

Server/Site Administration

  • Made site key validation more robust. The dot ('.') is no longer a valid character for a site key.
  • Improved confirmation message when disabling a module from a site


  • Fixed issue with sending module sources to an existing Git repository with an existing commit history

URL rewriting

  • Corrected rewriting of URLs with user nodes under the site (e.g. in the user registration module for password recovery)

Vanity URL

  • Fixed the resolution of non-default vanity URL mapping for a node, which is not readable by the current user