Written by The Jahia Team
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This document is a wrap up of the production patches delivered between DX V7.1.2.7 and DX V7.1.3.0

Underlying content platform

  • Secure JSON views
  • Secure HTML/Ajax views
  • JCRestAPI security - add protection for sensitive nodes
  • Secure sensitive information in modules
  • External provider: VFS - secure URL (include passwords) 
  • Secure password policy information 
  • Secure access to /settings sub-nodes 
  • New content view property: allowAjaxRendering (true by default) to allow or not ajax rendering for content
  • Introduce a security filter module: org.jahia.modules.api.permissions-default.cfg 
  • Introduce the usage of a dedicated permission for restricted API access 
  • Removed loginError query parameter after successful login
  • Keep consistency of multiple fields order between default and live workspaces
  • Correctly handle "autocreated" and default values from the definition of sub-levels of node type childs
  • Corrected rule condition "it is in {path}"
  • Prevent "Cannot check permission" on components in the cluster in rare cases
  • Better logging of failed SCM operations in studio or module management
  • Make LazyPropertyIterator expect InvalidItemStateException during iteration

Digital Experience Manager

Module deployment

  • Correction in bundle version/modification-date check decifing whether nodetype definitions should be updated
  • Prevent NPE while compiling and deploying a module


  • Translate all user-registration module labels to French, German, Italian


  • Reduced the number of calls to getNumberOfTasksForUser() when workflow task event happens to improve performance
  • Introduce node unpublished and translation un-/published rules
  • Improve publication conflict resolver for the special case when an auto-published child node (e.g. site) gets deleted while another one is added
  • Fixed auto publication of renamed category

Server/site administration

  • Allow non-root users with adminVirtualSites permission (on root JCR node) to perform an export of site content
  • Added missing language code icons for Maltese and Irish languages