Form Factory 2.1.0

December 21, 2021


  • Added save/continue form submission
  • Restrict form submission by volume or date
  • Allow to limit submit to one per user
  • Allow to fill fields with known values (user profile, localisation, etc.)
  • If field value is known, allow to make it read-only or to hide the field
  • Allow defining mapping of field to an external system/api field
  • Send email to confirm submission, email is defined at the form display level
  • Override submission message at the form display level
  • Better reusability of forms
  • Refactored form settings to be modular

Bugs fixes:

  • FORM-1072: Date Picker 'Min Date' 'Max Date' decrease of one year each time we edit (issue with Timezone)
  • FORM-1110: Fix issue with new security rules in DX and 7.2.02
  • FORM-1112: Fix security that uploaded files are accessible to guest users

Requires Jahia: version-  -  Updated: 2017-04-11