Marketing Factory components

December 21, 2021

Marketing Factory components is another module that can be downloaded on the jahia public store but that do require Marketing Factory module to work (and Marketing Factory license key). It comes with its own droppable components that you add to your templates or pages, as any other content.

1. Privacy modal

The privacy component is a button that can be added anywhere on your site.

Its up to you and your organization to decide if you want to provide the following features to your visitors.


By default, once published, when the visitor clicks on the button, the following popup appears :

1.1 Anonymize my profile

The action Anonymize profile will delete from Apache Unomi the personal identifiable information of the visitor. This is a one time action, it means that if the visitor log in again or fills a new form that has been mapped to Unomi, the personal information will be collected.

By default, Unomi is configured to delete the following when this action is triggered: first name, last name, email, phone number, address, facebookId, googleId, linkedInId, twitterId. This list can be easily modified (through a configuration file of Apache Unomi).

1.2 Delete and stop tracking my browsing data

The action Delete and stop tracking my browsing data will ensure that the browsing data (past and future) of the visitor wont be associated to his personal information.

This is a powerful feature that allow visitors to keep control of their data but doesnt impact the statistics that are useful to the marketers.