Marketing Factory 1.7.0

December 21, 2021

These release notes capture changes from Marketing Factory 1.6.3 to 1.7.0

Apache Unomi

  • Camel integration for flat files imports and exports
  • Salesforce integration
  • New condition : is in a static list
  • Change default personas


  • Inconsistent domains set on Apache Unomi

Marketing Factory

New features and improvements

  • Rules
  • Rules - Action - Create a lead in Salesforce
  • Import profiles from csv file through UI
  • List configured files import
  • Export profiles to csv file through UI
  • List configured files exports
  • Autocomplete on profile properties
  • Conditions - behavioural - "Number of pages viewed"
  • Add number of pages view in preview panel
  • Add profile display for number of pages view by site
  • Remove marketing-factory-angular module
  • Visitor profile - Copy as persona
  • Speed up front end development - UI refactoring
  • Date picker - quick access to given periods
  • Most visited pages - display per language
  • Filter Internal searches per language
  • Edit a goal that is already started
  • Personalization preview on scoring plan
  • Remove ability to define rule (notification) from scoring plan screen
  • MF module should start even if Unomi is not accessible


  • Order profile properties alphabetically in the condition builder
  • Performance analysis doesn't display more than 10 segments
  • Optimization tests goals shouldn't appear in the goal match condition (in the condition builder)
  • Special characters not managed in the page picker
  • Timeout defined in settings shouldn't apply to MF Admin features
  • Goal report display only the 10 first elements
  • Remove alt-text from location (personalisation panel)
  • Disable scope input and set default values in settings
  • Campaigns - Special characters in campaign name are not managed
  • Conditions - "Date is between" latest boundary is excluded
  • Funnel goal not working when special characters in page name
  • Preview panel - encoding issue
  • Profile properties are not ordered alphabetically in the preview panel
  • MF is not compatible with, it makes the button disappear
  • Cannot add segment on persona - No button
  • Personalisation with remote address using IPv6
  • Goal report - Drill down on a date generates NullPointerException
  • Encoding issue on page picker