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When I try to use my custom action I get an error and seems the action is not availble, what can I do? The error is

[CsrfGuard] - potential cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attack thwarted ....  



Per default the CsrfGuard, block all actions. But you can configure it for your action. You can open in jahia tools --> the OSGI console, there you have the possibility to change the config (under OSGI - Configuration):


There you have to search for the "org.jahia.modules.jahiacsrfguard-default.cfg", when you click on it the configuration pops up:


There you should see a whitelist, per dafault *.myAction.do will be there, and you can comma seperated add other actions to this whitelist, for instance in my example I added *.uploadTest.do


After save this config, it should be deployed and the action should work as expected.

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