bodywrapper css

Class bodywrapper not anymore in version 7


With DF 6.x, the whole classes of the event.css file of the event-1.3 module were prefixed with the class.bodywrapper.
With DF 7.x, the version of the event module is the 2.0.x one and the prefix.bodywrapper has been removed.

So the questions are:

  1. Why was this prefix removed in the 2.0.x event version?
  2. Is this suppression general to the embedded CSS in the DF 7.x modules.


With DF 6.6, the Edit mode has its own CSS mechanism and including this prefix was mandatory in order to preserve the CSS style defined in the modules. By the way, the CSS files of each module of DF 6.6 are defined in this way.
With DF 7.x, the Edit mode was written to use iFrame and thus not to interfere with the CSS style of the Jahia module. This is the reason why the
.bodywrapper prefix was removed.

So the Jahia modules 2.0.x no longer have this prefix in their CSS files.