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Document Viewer issue on version 2.0.3


The usage of the Document Viewer Service v. 2.0.4 and Jahia Enterprise Document Viewer v. 2.0.3 modules does not work with the last plugin Flash Player version: v21.
The issue could be reproduced as below:

  • Create a site
  • Use the componentDocument preview and use a PDF file for the File property.
  • Publish the site
  • Access to the site in Preview mode
  • Check that the PDF file is not displayed


The embedded version of Flex in the "Document-management" module seems to be the version 11.

The embedded version of Flash Player in Chrome v50 is the version: 21.0

It seems this difference which prevents the display of the PDF file.

After disabling the Flash Player plugin (chrome://plugins), the PDF file is displayed (in HTML 5)


A new version of Document Viewer : document-viewer-ee-2.0.4-SNAPSHOT.jar has been released.

This version can only be used in Développement environment. Comment from

I tested again this morning on a new Jahia installation:
I just created a site "mySite" with the sample bootstrap template, went in edit and added a document preview content. In the file picker, I uploaded a pdf, then published the site.
I have the empty popup when accessing the site as a guest user when I'm logged as root or with a different user I don't have it.
And it happens on every
browsers I have (FF/Chrome/IE), as I have Windows 10. 

Therefore, the fix for the patched module document-viewer-ee-2.0.4-SNAPSHOT.jar does not seem to introduce the issue with the guest user.
I'll create a QA ticket to track this issue. Here is the link to the QA ticket: