edp upgrade

External Data Provider updated after an upgrade of Jahia


After upgrading to DX, the customer has noticed that the version of EDP (External Data Provider) has changed from 3.0.4 to 3.0.5.
His questions were:

  1. Where is the EDP changelog?
  2. Is the EDP 3.0.5 compatible with his SIFE EPDirectory module built on the basis of EDP 3.0.4 (sdk7.1.2.0)?


The changelog concerning the improvements and the bugs fixed of the modules External Providers could be found at the following link:


Here is an extract of this link:

External providers
[improvement] Support Apache Commons pool and specific properties in
ldap configuration
[improvement] Added the support for multivalued properties for external users

[bugfix] Correctly refresh the external mount point when creating a new folder or adding a new file at the root level
[bugfix] Fixed an error with
secure protocol for ldap (ldaps)
[bugfix] Fixed an issue when including CMIS resources in search results
[bugfix] Fixed a parsing error on mount point picker by improving the escape pattern for folder names

EDP 3.0.5 is compatible with DX 7.1.2.