Written by The Jahia Team
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The main issue is that the custom placeholder, defined in the Change placeholder field of a Date Picker, is not taken into account in the form.

The issue has been reproduced as below:

  1. Installation of Forms Core 2.0.1
  2. Installation of Forms Snippets extension 2.0
  3. Creation of a Forms form with a Text input and a Date picker fields
  4. For the Date picker, modify the Change placeholder to DD/MM/YYYY
  5. Publish the Form "test"
  6. Create a site with the bootstrap3 Test Templates Set
  7. Create a Forms form with the form "test"
  8. Try to enter a date with this format: DD/MM/YYYY
    => Date is invalid
  9. Try to select a date on the calendar, the format is this one: YYYY-MM-DD
    => The pattern "DD/MM/YYYY" is not taken in account.
    => the accepted date formats are:


"Change placeholder" field is not designed to take patterns that change date format, the field is only to change the text inside date field if it is empty.

The accepted date formats are:


and they are accepted regardless of "Change placeholder" field.


Unfortunately, there is no way to specify date format for now.

This bug, https://jira.jahia.org/browse/FORM-902, will be converted into improvement (feature request) and will be implemented in next version of Forms.