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How to rebuild search indexes?


How to rebuild search indexes?


Rebuilding search indices is detailed in our Tech wiki at

In this wiki, you can refer to the below paragraph:

Rebuilding indices
In case of an abnormal server process termination or severe I/O error, it is possible for the indices to become inconsistent. Jahia allows you to rebuild the search indices by using the Search Engine Management page of the Jahia Tools. Clicking on Repository re-indexing will force the index to be rebuilt during the next Jahia startup. You can then restart your server to proceed to the re-indexing. More details on behavior regarding search indices consistency can be found on how to check Lucene index.

As mentioned in this paragraph, the procedure to follow is detailed in the Jahia Tools:

  • http://[your host]:[your port]/tools
  • Llink : Search engine management