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How to redeploy a template or a module to all cluster nodes?


Our documentation, https://academy.jahia.com/documentation/techwiki/modules/modules#Modules_deployment_7_x​ explains the concept of Hot and Cold deployment.

Here is a summary:

In both cases, Hot or Cold deployment to a Jahia Cluster, the module or template must be started (Hot deployment) or copied to the module directory (Cold deployment) node by node.

The fact to deploy a template via the administration console of the Jahia server does not imply that this template is automatically deployed to the other nodes of the Jahia cluster.

You have to repeat the operation on each node :

  • Starting with non-processing servers and finishing with the processing server in case of Hot deployment
  • Copying the jar file of the module on each cluster node in the digital-factory-data/modules folder in case of Cold deployment.