Howto modify the display of the categories...


The customer would like to modify the display of the categories selection in Edit mode. The modification would be to select the parent category when its child one is selected. For instance, the parent category is advantages et services.
If the child one, auto, is selected, the Edit mode should show that advantages et services is selected too).
If I selec auto it will also select avantages et services.


Visually, the parent categoryavantages et services is not selected but this one is at the JCR repository level.

This is possible to check this with our tools:

  • http://localhost:8080/tools
  • JCR Repository browser
  • At the site level, you have to look for the content that you have categorized and then you display the properties and  j:defaultCategory should point to auto which has avantages et services as category parent.

To get a visual selection, this will need an improvement of our current Jahia version, if this one is approved by our R&D team.