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  • See how easily Jahia integrates with jExperience

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Access all Enterprise packages available in 30-day trial versions

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Download/Install Released date
 Install Jahia from a Jahia Docker image Oct 18, 2019
 Get the 30 day Enterprise Package Oct 18, 2019
 Get the Demo Enterprise Package Oct 18, 2019
 Get the SDK Enterprise Package Oct 18, 2019

System requirements


You must have a running Java Virtual Machine to install and use Jahia. Download and install a Java SE 8 or 11 Development Kit from the Oracle website. You can also use Open JDK 8 or 11 instead.


  • Windows**
  • Linux
  • Mac OSX

Suggested minimum configuration

Development environment

  • Dual Core
  • 4 GB RAM (2 GB RAM for Jahia)
  • 5 GB HD

 Production environment

  • Quad Core
  • 8 GB RAM (4 GB RAM for Jahia)
  • 100 GB

Warning: 32 bit JVMs are limited in maximum memory (1.5 GB under Windows - 2 or 3 GB under Linux/Solaris). Jahia tries to cache a maximum of data in order to boost performance. We highly recommend 64 bit environments with enough memory available at least for all production environments.

Java application servers

  • Apache Tomcat 9.0
  • Red Hat JBoss EAP 6.4*
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5*


  • PostgreSQL 9.x
  • MySQL 5.6/5.7
  • MariaDB 10.x/Galera
  • MS SQLServer 2014
  • Oracle 11G/12C*
  • Amazon Aurora (MySQL-Compatible edition)

* Databases and application server deployment tools available with the Enterprise Jahia Subscription

** Installation on MS Windows:

  • Due to Windows limitations in path depth, Jahia must be installed root level (C:\). Folder names should not contain spaces. For example, use C:\Jahia-7.3\ rather than C:\Jahia 7.3\.
  • If you install OpenJDK 11, when you specify the JAVA_HOME and JRE_HOME system level environment variables, omit the \bin directory. For example, specify C:\Program Files\RedHat\java-11-openjdk-11.0 rather than C:\Program Files\RedHat\java-11-openjdk-11.0\bin.