Download the 30-day Jahia Enterprise Distribution

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Install the latest Enterprise Distribution Package

The Enterprise Distribution gives you a complete view of extended features for mission-critical projects. The Enterprise Distribution ships with the following Digital Industrialization tools:

  • Private App Store
  • Roles and advanced workflows
  • User Directories and SSO
  • Distant Publishing
  • Clustering
  • Complex environment support
  • The option to install specific packages such as Forms or CMIS integrations

The installer provides a 30-day trial version. The full Enterprise Distribution of Jahia is available through an annual subscription that includes unlimited bug fixes, Online Technical Assistance and specific SLAs for both development and production environments. The Enterprise Distribution installers are offered with a non-viral business-friendly license: the JSEL License.


Jahia is supported on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and requires a running Jahia Virtual Machine. For a full list of requirements, see the Requirements tab in Download Enterprise Edition.

Quick launch of the Mac and Linux Package

Once the download completes, launch the JAR package from the repository where you downloaded the package. Type the following command in a terminal window:

 java -jar Jahia-EnterpriseDistribution-

Then follow the steps in the installation wizard.

Quick launch of the Windows Package

Once the download completes, double-click the installer.exe file. Then follow the steps in the installation wizard.

Note: For more information on the install wizard, see Installing Jahia Community and Enterprise distributions.

Quick launch in a Docker image

The First steps with Jahia tutorial shows you how to get started from scratch with a local installation of Jahia that runs in a Docker image.

Where to go next

You can try any of these topics and tutorials for:

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  • System administrators
    Discovering Jahia shows how to create a demo website that is prepopulated with content to discover and learn Jahia web content editing basics
  • Developers
    Creating website templates in Jahia tutorial shows how to create an empty website, integrate an existing website design, and learn the basics of using and building Jahia modules

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