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The Jahia SDK package is a complete package with: 

  • a preinstalled Jahia instance
  • the Digitall demo site deployed
  • Jahia Studio with a Maven bundle

You can discover development features available with downloaded sources of Jahia templates and modules.

You can only plug additional Private App Store modules with Enterprise Distributions. In all cases, the Jahia Public App Store is the default App Store.


Jahia is supported on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and requires a running Jahia Virtual Machine. For a full list of requirements, see the Requirements tab in Download Enterprise Edition.

Installing the package

This package works with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

To install the package:

  1. Unzip the archive on your PC or Mac. On PC, unzip to C:/ or a similar location, but not on your desktop.
    If you have already installed Maven and cannot access the Jahia repository due to network limitations, open the settings.xml file in the .m2 folder in your home directory. If a value is set under <localRepository>, comment it out.
  2. Launch your instance using the start.bat command Windows or ./ on Mac or Linux.
  3. In your browser, go to http://localhost:8080/start to access the Digitall Demo site.
  4. Click Login and provide the following root credentials
    • user: root
    • password: root
  5. To switch to Edit mode, click the Root name at the top right of Jahia.
  6. To access the Jahia Studio, in Edit mode click the Mode dropdown menu and select Studio.
Important: Do not rename or move your Jahia SDK folder after the first server start.

Tools is a module that provides information about the running Jahia instance. For example, you can access the OSGi console or use the JCR console for testing. Tools also contains a repository browser.

You access Tools at localhost:8080/tools using the following credentials:

  • user: jahia
  • password: password
Note: To stop your Jahia instance, use the stop.bat command on Windows or ./ on Mac or Linux.

Where to go next

You can try any of these topics and tutorials for:

  • Content editors
    Using Jahia shows you how to create and manage content in Jahia
  • System administrators
    Discovering Jahia shows how to create a demo website that is prepopulated with content to discover and learn Jahia web content editing basics
  • Developers
    Creating website templates in Jahia tutorial shows how to create an empty website, integrate an existing website design, and learn the basics of using and building Jahia modules

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