About Jahia Cloud

November 14, 2023

Product overview

Jahia Cloud enables you to create a fully-dedicated, production-grade platform in a matter of minutes, without requiring technical skills. Jahia Cloud embeds all Jahia products and modules and is fully supported 24/7 by our teams.

Jahia is proud to be a partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OVH for the hosting of its platforms, allowing for a global presence, great cross-region features and a dense grid of Content Delivery Networks for fast and reliable content delivery all around the world. We took the time to automate every aspect of our product's lifecycle so you don't have to, including environment creation, scaling, backup, restore, copy and migration in different regions.

We also know that your sites are critical to your business, so we have partnered with Datadog to provide great platform monitoring and optimization capability, which are bundled in all our Cloud offerings.

Jahia Cloud is built to scale. From small standalone environments to massive clustered Jahia and jExperience instances able to handle millions of visitors, we can accommodate your needs. Our Solutions Architect, Success Manager and Support teams can also provide guidance on the best way to meet your goals and get started with Jahia Cloud.

Multi-tenancy and security

We focused on finding a great balance between infrastructure sharing and cost optimization to make Jahia Cloud available to everyone. What you get is a fully-dedicated software stack (databases, web servers and application servers) on mutualized hardware.

While the hardware is mutualized, clients environments are strictly separated in different networks and storage and no communication can occur between them. With separated software, isolated network and storage, and low-cost thanks to hardware mutualization, Jahia Cloud is meant to be used by companies of all sizes.

We can also accommodate different needs. Do not hesitate to reach out to our sales team to learn more.

Platform monitoring

Jahia and Datadog partnered to deliver the best monitoring experience possible. Datadog is integrated with all Jahia Cloud production platforms and provides key features including:

  • Alerting capabilities (email, text, Slack)
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM) to provide great insights about performance improvements
  • Custom dashboards for Jahia products
  • Log aggregation


Jahia Cloud is available in AWS North Virginia, AWS Ireland and OVH France right now. More regions will be deployed soon.

Upgrade policy

We know that forced upgrades are a big constraint and can disrupt your schedule. Your environments are fully dedicated and we rarely request that you upgrade. Upgrades are usually only required when security-related issues occur or your software version becomes unsupported.

Our upgrades requirements are well documented in our migration guides. If you want to upgrade your code and make it compliant with the newest versions of the Jahia products, our Support and Customer Solution teams can help.

Technical stack

Jahia Cloud supports DX versions and higher and uses a combination of Tomcat, clustered MariaDB, clustered nginx, Docker and the Jelastic container orchestration technology. It is hosted on several Amazon Web Services (AWS) Availability Zones or OVH regions to allow for great availability and redundancy.

All storage is fast SSD-based with provisioned I/Os and high throughput. Network latency between servers is around 0.30 ms and has 3 Gigabit bandwidth.

The Jahia Cloud dashboard is powered by Jahia.