Our documentation is here to help you deliver a great customer experience to the people who visit your site.

Learn more depending on whether you create or manage content on your site, deploy and administer Jahia products, or develop and customize modules to extend functionality


The basics for contributors and editors, digital marketers, and site administrators

End-user documentation

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Learn how to develop modules in Jahia, create custom forms in Forms, and create a headless CMS

Developer documentation

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Learn how to deploy, configure, customize and monitor Jahia products for your platform

System admin documentation 

Create and manage your cloud deployment

Jahia Cloud documentation 

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Get started

If you are new to Jahia, learn more about us from a selected user, developer or system administrator guide

For content contributors

Shows you how to create and manage content in Jahia

Using Jahia 

For developers

This tutorial is intended for developers who want to get a quick start on Jahia, regardless of their technical background

First steps with Jahia 

Provides a technical overview of Jahia, the web and back-end layers, and how Jahia handles high loads on web sites

Introducing Jahia technical concepts

For system admin and devops

Provides you with an overview of Jahia and introduces key concepts

Discovering Jahia