System Administrator Jahia 8 Jahia 7.3

Cleaning of orphan and unused versions


Our contributors are reporting slowness when modifying content and our system administratators have reported an high size of the table JR_V_BUNDLE. What can we do?


In Jahia, some content is being versioned (jmix:editorialContent and jnt:file): this is used by contributors to compare versions across time.

If the unused versions , and further more if versions of removed nodes (call oprhaned nodes), are not being manually deleted, the SQL table storing them will keep getting bigger ans bigger and will slow down the contribution.


There are three solutions:

  1. remove manually these versions thanks to the tools page JCR Version History Management (JAHIA_URL/modules/tools/jcrVersionHistory.jsp)
  2. implements a module to clean these versions, based on this example: You just jave have to modify:
    1. the group ip and artifact id in the pom.xml
    2. the package
    3. the Spring XML file so the jobs are being executed when you see fit
  3. Use the community module (not supported by Jahia) Versions cleaner