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Error "Bad check digit" at startup


When starting Jahia, I have the following error:

2021-12-28 14:41:36,546: ERROR [JCRStoreProvider] - Couldn't mount provider null
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Bad check digit. Token [e434baeb-ec40-41f1-b99d-db8]

What can be done?


Jahia/Jackrabbit has lock files at the following paths:

  • JAHIA_HOME/digital-factory-data/repository/workspaces/default/locks
  • JAHIA_HOME/digital-factory-data/repository/workspaces/live/locks

When there is an outage or that Jahia is incorrectly stopped, the format of a line inside one of these files is incorrect: instead of e434baeb-ec40-41f1-b99d-db8, we should have e434baeb-ec40-41f1-b99d-db84f4dd26cb-E.

To allow Jahia starting, you just have to delete the incorrect line, save the file and start Jahia again.