Jahia 7.3

Generation of JWT token - permission denied


To generate a JWT token you need to follow these instructions: Setting up authorization

After setting up the configuration files you enter the proper settings to generate the token, hit save button and nothing happens, just a blank page. If you open the developer tools in your browser you will see the following response:

{"data":{"jwtToken":null},"errors":[{"message":"Permission denied","path":["jwtToken","token"],
{"message":"Permission denied","path":["jwtToken","claims"],"locations":[{"line":4,"column":5}],"errorType":"GqlAccessDeniedException"},
{"message":"Permission denied","path":["jwtToken","__typename"],"locations":[{"line":5,"column":5}],"errorType":"GqlAccessDeniedException"}]}


The JWT token generator requires that you are logged into Jahia as admin.


You need to login in Jahia as admin before generating the token.