jcustomer performance unomi Jahia 8

How can I export support information about Unomi/jCustomer JVM, like thread dumps, heap dumps, bundles states and others?


I have performance issues in my jExperience/jCustomer/Elasticsearch stack, and I suspect the responsible for the performance decay is jCustomer.

Do we have a way to export all relevant support information at once?


Yes, you can export relevant support information about your Unomi application using karaf console. To connect to karaf console one can use SSH:

#Note: In a default installation the password=karaf


ssh -p 8102 karaf@localhost

Then you can run the command dev:dump-create like in the example below:

karaf@root()> dev:dump-create
Created dump zip: 2021-06-22_141609.zip

The zip file will be created under jCustomer installation directory, and it will contain a lot of useful information:

File Description
bundles.txt List containing all installed bundles and its respective states
environment.txt All environment variables and relevant information

List of installed features in Unomi

heapdump.hprof JVM heap dump
log Folder containing jCustomer logs
memory.txt Heap and Non-Heap memory allocation information
threads.txt JVM thread dump