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How to check Augmented Search Index contents


How can I check the content of the Augmented search index in elastic search?.


Augmented search indexes Jahia content in Elastic Search to enable unprecedented search experience. Somtimes, you may need to check the index content for troubleshooting purposes. For that, you can use Elastic Search API to get the content of a document which corresponds to the content node in Jahia such as:

curl -XGET "http://localhost:9200/dx__content__default__en__read/_doc/8ec17377-9f00-473a-abf5-668ddc1e75c4?pretty"

Whereby the document id "8ec17377-9f00-473a-abf5-668ddc1e75c4" above corresponds to the UUID of the Jahia content node. and the "dx__content__default__en__read" is the name of the elastic search index for the English content in the default workspace.