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How to safely remove jCustomer/Unomi landing page and Web Tracker application installed by default?


jCustomer and Unomi provide a landing page "Welcome to Apache Unomi" and also web tracker application by default. How can I safely remove these?


Both contexts can be observed in Unomi's karaf:

karaf@root()> web:list
ID  │ State       │ Web-State   │ Level │ Web-ContextPath │ Name
154 │ Active      │ Deployed    │ 85    │ /               │ Apache Unomi :: Core Web Application (1.5.1)
155 │ Active      │ Deployed    │ 85    │ /tracker        │ Apache Unomi :: Extension :: Web Tracker :: Wab (1.5.1)

The web tracker can be safely removed stopping the application:

karaf@root()> web:stop 155

Or even completely uninstalling the bundle:

karaf@root()> bundle:uninstall 155

On the other hand the landing page belongs to the core web application which cannot be safelly stopped or uninstalled. The same web application contains the /context.json and /eventcollector servlets that are critical to the correct behavior of Apache Unomi / jCustomer.

To limit access to the root web path / it is better to have a Proxy in front of Karaf that prevents calls to this URL.