Implement multifactor authentication


How to implement multi-factor authentication in Jahia?


A sample implementation of MFA in Jahia can be found at Customers are welcome to adapt the module to meet their needs.

To implement MFA, you will need to install all the 3 modules in the package, and then enable jahia-mfa-otp-components on your site. You can then add the sample component mfaRegistration on a page, which lets logged in users enable MFA on their account. When a user enables MFA, they are required to scan a QR code for Google authenticator, and verify.
To enable MFA for the site, edit the site node, and enable the mixin MFASITE. For login with MFA, MFA enabled users will need to go to endpoint /mfa. This login page will require the user to enter their password and the 6-digit code from authenticator.