Jahia 7.3 Jahia 8 Legacy

Indexation warning during Jahia upgrade


During upgrade of Jahia, following warning is thrown:

WARNING: larger than 1073741824 index size, please contact Jahia for proper index migration procedure or use command line -DmaxIndexSize to set maximum size to another limit


A full reindex is triggered by the fixapplier during major version upgrades.

This warning is thrown when the index is larger than 1GB, so the fix applier does not force a reindexation at startup, as for large index size, it could take hours to complete.


To override this, when running the fixapplier, you can pass the parameter -DmaxIndexSize in command line with a higher value.

Alternatively, once the fixapplier is run, you can manually add a reindex marker file in digital-factory-data/repository/ folder and start the server. This will force a full repository reindexation.