Jahia 8

Indexing a site on Augmented Search


How can I trigger a full Augmented Search reindexation on select sites?


On Jahia version 8.x running Augmented Search 3.0 or above, Augmented Search administration UI provides an option to trigger reindexing on sites which have Augmented Search enabled.

The UI option is not present on AS 1.4+, which is compatible with Jahia 7.x. To trigger a reindexing on Jahia 7.x, you can execute the following query through our GraphQL API:

mutation {
  admin {
    search {
      startIndex(siteKeys: ["digitall", "digitall2"], force:false) {
        jobs {
          project {

GraphQL requires http authentication. As such, you'll need to be logged in on Jahia with a user with relevant permissions to start indexation.

In case of an outage during a reindexing, you can force the reindexing by using force:true.