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Jahia Fix Applier Options


When executing fix applier, you can pass the following optional arguments.


java -jar fixapplier-jar-with-dependencies [-c <path>] [-d <path>] [-f <file>] [-h] [-nb] [-o <path>] [-t <path>] [-v <startVersion>] [-w <path>] [-y]

Arg Long option Description
 -c --config The path where the externalized configuration is located
-d --data The path where the externalized runtime data is located
-f --fix The hotfix file to apply
-h --help Displays the command line arguments help screen
-nb  --noBackup If specified the backup of files, modified durig execution of this fix applier, will be deleted
 -o --outputDirectory The path where fixes will be downloaded or looked for when applying previously downloaded fixes (defaults to META-INF/fixes)
 -t --target The target path where to apply the hotfix
-v --startingVersion Starting version to check for new fixes
 -w  --workDirectory The directory in which the Fix Applier will store it's application data (default is USER_HOME/.fixapplier)
 -y  --force Skip all confirmation prompts and apply the fix