System Administrator Jahia 7.3 Jahia 8

Module state not replicated accros the cluster


The state of a new module is not being replicated across the cluster


  1. On the node(s) where the state is not being replicated, go to the OSGI console (DX_URL/tools/osgi/console/bundles)
  2. Look for the state of the bundle org.jahia.bundles.clustering: if it's in the state Active, please contact the Customer Support team on Otherwise, follow the next steps.
    1. Starting Jahia and the module Server Availability Manager 2.4.0, you can also use the available probes (cf this documentation)
  3. For each problematic node, go to the filesystem and look for the file digraph.json below DX_HOME/digital-factory-data/bundles-deployed:
    1. Check it's empty:
      1. If not, please contact the Customer Support team.
      2. If yes, it might mean you do not have any available space on your drive or that this problem occurred before.
      3. On a node being "ok", retrieve the content of the file digraph.json then on the problematic node, stop Jahia, replace the file and start Jahia